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Proactive Network Support

Proactive Network Support
Chi Technology are a UK based IT Solutions Provider with offices in the Midlands and Yorkshire offering a full range of proactive network support services to our customer base.

Imagine a world where an issue on your network is diagnosed and responded to before any real issues are experienced... through Chi's proactive maintenance and real time network monitoring this comes as standard.

We believe in the power of proactive network maintenance and as a result of this our network monitoring services have been fine-tuned with this in mind. We look to provide a range of hosted network solutions including our hosted network maintenance.

Through use of a remote polling agent installed on your destination site, Chi Technology can undertake real-time tracking of all of your network devices (including PC’s, servers, switches, routers, firewalls and more), which feeds back to a live information feed managed at Chi Technology’s Network Centre. This provides up to 24/7 remote monitoring of your company’s network connected devices. Through it’s easy to use graphical based front – end, users can have dedicated access to a live, 24/7 representation of their network(s) from both inside and outside the office.

We are increasingly asked how we can assist our customers with analysis of their internet traffic and WAN performance. Our Bandwidth Awareness reporting can be used to monitor a company’s Internet connections and provides a graphical representation of the live traffic that passes through them, down to a protocol level. Utilising historical data it is very easy to run reports and find the status of the connection at any point in time. This also provides the capability to allow accurate capacity planning for future upgrades in the network. To accompany this, our WAN Utilisation service can provide basic real-time analysis of WAN (Internet) bandwidth usage. This can prove to be a valuable tool when fault finding slow response times to various parts of the network. With it, we can keep track of your Internet connection and calculate the total incoming and outgoing bandwidth. The service can be used to monitor the connection not only in terms of performance but also to provide statistics useful when reporting performance issue’s/faults to ISP’s.

In addition to the above services, Chi understand the need for internal IT staff to be notified when mission critical devices fail on a company’s network. We therefore are able to provide a SMS Email Alert facility which can be used to monitor any networked device, send alerts from our Network Operations Centre directly to nominate users.

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