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Network Compliance

Network Compliance
Chi Technology are a UK based IT Solutions provider with offices in the Midlands and Yorkshire and full national coverage thanks to our regionally based Engineers.

Chi recognise the increased requirement for organisations to meet the ever increasing compliance legislation in an increasingly technological workplace, and are pleased to be able to offer our expertise in this area to our customer base.

We listen to our customers’ needs, offering support and guidance across the network, including implementation and ongoing support of our Wireless User Authentication Solutions and assistance with adhering to PCI Compliance regulations.

With wireless access being expected from employees and guests alike and in light of the recent legislation changes around Data Protection and EU GDPR, Chi Technology feel that all companies should consider their need for implementation of a wireless user authentication solution to offer protection to the company and ensure compliance as applicable.

After all, providing a network with guest/public wireless access presents a huge concern that users could carry out illegal downloading, send threatening emails or engage in other illegal activities from your network.

Contact Chi now to find out how we can help you minimise the risk whilst meeting user expectation.