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So tell me more about Cisco Meraki...

Cisco Meraki

Meraki are a 100% cloud–managed IT company offering a simple and powerful solution portfolio networking devices that are easy to deploy and manage – all from a web-based dashboard – giving you full control under a single pane of glass!

With a full stack offering covering Wireless LAN, Security & SD-WAN, Switching, Mobility Management, Insight and Security Cameras - its time for you to discover the Cisco Meraki magic for yourself through the series of informative webinars or product trial program.

So whether you are looking to secure your network with a range of MX security appliances via zero touch cloud provisioning or want the ability to centrally configure and manage thousands of ports at once, regardless of hardware location with the MS switching range – Meraki is for you.

What’s more – every Meraki device provides easy troubleshooting and analytics showing you how your network is performing as standard and following the acquisition of Meraki by Cisco in 2012 – there is no need to rip and replace, the Meraki portfolio sits alongside any existing Cisco infrastructure.

Today IT isn’t just racks and cables in a server room. It's working with the whole company to solve business problems and shape your future growth. Don’t get left behind, whether a SMB or Global Enterprise, Meraki is the solution to help you get smart & work simple.

For more information on Meraki's portfolio and solutions please click on the links below or contact us now for an informal chat about how Chi and Meraki can benefit you. 

If you are ready to see the wonders of Meraki for yourself head on over to the site and explore the selection of detailed webinars available now or sign up to register your interest for our next hosted webinar for a more interactive q&a session, where we will be on hand to answer any immediate queries.

Meraki AP on a Shelf
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